Artikel mit dem Tag "Ramana Maharshi as seen by devotees"

Articles EN · 08. August 2023
Grace is the magnetic pull of the Eternal

The Perfection of the Enlightened Ones
Articles EN · 11. Juli 2023
True healing comes only through the view of the enlightened

Bhagavan's Ego Death and Near Death Experiences
Articles EN · 25. März 2023
Egoless Pure Being is already the basis for our experience

Articles EN · 05. Juli 2022
Friend: I’m sober now. I have been a heavy drug user most of my life and through self-inquiry and surrender, I’m 3 weeks clean. But I feel like I’m barely touching the depths of what I truly am but I’m in love with remaining in the center of the I - it feels safe. My mind still gets drawn out continuously but I’m getting better at it.

Artikel DE · 22. Februar 2022
Seine Stimme ist melodisch und so zart wie die eines Kindes. Sie ist äußerst süß und manchmal so leise, dass man sie nicht vernimmt, wenn man wenn man nicht genau zuhört. Sie muss mit ganzer Aufmerksamkeit gehört werden. Wenn wir seine Stimme vernehmen, empfinden wir sie wie eine göttliche, zarte Stimme, die aus dem Firmament kommt.

Articles EN · 22. Februar 2022
Even in speech, behavior, modes of eating etc., his state is like that of a child. While engaged in activities his introverted state fixed on the Self remains steady. One never notices languor, unsteadiness or any defects in his speech mind and body. Just as the lion, the king of the jungle, always lives in his forest-abode, enjoying full freedom with fearlessness and at ease, in the same way, Sri Maharshi is fearless and free from all restrictions ...