Bhagavan's Darshan

“I was fortunate to get Sri Ramana Maharshi's darshan through my guru Vasishta Ganapati Muni. This was in Samvat 1974, corresponding to 1917 A.D. The impact was so powerful that I wrote 'Ramana Vibhakti Ashtaka' wherein I have drawn a picture of Sri Maharshi's state of samadhi and his real 'swarupa' form. By reading it one can have a real mental darshan, a vision of the Maharshi's supreme state. 


He has reached a state beyond all the four ashramas and therefore is called 'Ativarnasrami' or one who has transcended all the ashramas. He is firmly established in the state of sahaja samadhi or steady Self-abidance. He is free from all thoughts, desirable or undesirable, happy or unhappy etc. Erudite scholars, great yogis, and saints seek his company fascinated by his divine Self-knowledge. 


The benefit derived from Sri Maharshi's darshan and his teachings is immense, wonderful and beyond description. This fact can be realized by experience only. His very sight removes all doubts from one’s mind. His eyes always glitter in spotless light, full of peace and pure love. Like gods, his eyes are without constant action of opening and closing and are always open with no visible cause for doing so. 


Even though his eyes are wide open, they remain very steady and introverted, fixed in the Self alone. In other words, he does not see external objects with a desire to get any impression from them. He is always absorbed in the Heart, in the state of silence. He is ever reveling in the spontaneous joy of the Heart. On account of his divine Self-knowledge and supreme peace, his lotus-like lips look always pleasing to the eyes. Serenity is writ large on his face. The mere sight of it gives exceeding joy to everyone. 


His natural samadhi resembles the waking state but is itself sleep for he is in the state of natural rest. To sit and gaze at his motionless, peaceful and pleasing countenance itself is an act of true worship. By getting his divine sight people forget the world itself. They do not feel the pangs of hunger and thirst. The feelings of anger, hatred, etc., also subside. They become so engrossed in its sweetness that they do not like to leave his presence. All efforts to get Sri Maharshi to look at us during his introverted state prove futile. Many persons try to catch his eye in various manners like prayer but the Maharshi's introversion never wavers even for a moment. It is evident that it is not an artificial state brought about by sadhana or spiritual practice. It is a state arising from constant awareness of his true being. 


When he comes out of his inner state of his own accord all questions put to him are answered. Sri Maharshi's voice is as melodious and soft as that of a child. It is exceedingly sweet and at times it is so low-toned that it is not even heard clearly. It must be heard with full attention. When we hear his voice we feel as if we hear a divine and subtle voice coming across the firmament. 


Even in speech, behavior, modes of eating etc., his state is like that of a child. While engaged in activities his introverted state fixed on the Self remains steady. One never notices languor, unsteadiness or any defects in his speech mind and body. Just as the lion, the king of the jungle, always lives in his forest-abode, enjoying full freedom with fearlessness and at ease, in the same way, Sri Maharshi is fearless and free from all restrictions because of his steady Self-knowledge and perfect peace.”


- Deivarata in ‘Timeless in Time’

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