The description is never the described

A Chat today about Rupert Spira and his Presentation

Friend: Help me out, Reinhard! I’m being driven to the brink of despair (so to speak) over a long time dear friend who is hooked on listening to Rupert Spira’s most beautiful and eloquent “guided meditations” thinking that by doing this over time he will slowly become Enlightened! Rupert says that his guided meditation will “rewire” your mind and understanding and that over time, just by listening to his meditations one will reach the “ultimate understanding”.  ....

Reinhard: Yes, I totally agree. I was listening to some videos of Rupert's and it seems obvious that he is most able to present a teaching structure. As far as that goes it is fine but 'the description is never the described' it echoes in my memory when i was sitting with J.Krishnamurti in Saanen.

As you say, there is a reason when people feel attracted to such a teacher and Rupert is good for many to gain a model of the teachings. In one place i heard him say in a conversation with Sam Harris that he remained conscious during an operation when getting anesthesia. If that is true (it could be another part of his philosophy) he is in a higher state himself, at least. I doubt that a little, but who knows. I think you have correctly seen the danger of such a presentation. In the end, everyone will become disillusioned and the ONLY DOOR will be faced. And that is nothing that could be gained from outside, no philosophy, no concept

can reach HERE.

If any state is taken to be enlightenment it will wither and soon it becomes obvious. You could tell your friend (provided he is open for such pointers) that Truth doesn't need stimulation. If what Rupert says brought about something valid in him, he should stop seeing more videos and validate his own state.

The main point is to become aware of the difference between a stimulated and outwardly produced state and a true, direct experience! Sam Harris told an interesting story in that regard about what he witnessed with a Swiss student of Poonjaji.
Here is a link for that: http://openheartopenheart.blogspot.com/.../advaita...
Friend: Yes! Excellent! Thank You! I have invited him to examine his own state many many many times and for him that’s the very problem. He knows after many many years it has not changed his experience of Life. I just keep pointing him back to Self Inquiry, meditation and self reflection. He knows that’s what he needs to do but listening to Rupert’s soothing British accent and mellow tones while drifting off into his happy place is oh so much easier than all that “work”.

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