Experience of the Truth

What an impressive picture: the dissolution of the personality in the vastness of chidakasa is like a burning forest!

Experience of the Truth.

Vers 1010 - Guru Vachaka Kovai:
If you abide unshakeably in the Self, that state will destroy the bond created by sankalpas, like a snake shuffling off its slough. When you persevere, abiding in such nishta [Self-abidance] to the very end, that which manifests is the absolutely empty firmament of pure consciousness.

Vers 1011 - Guru Vachaka Kovai:
When the jiva, reflected consciousness, has its inert association with the body totally destroyed and ignited by the fire of jnana, it burns in the huge and extensive cremation ground, the chidakasa. The vision of this excellent effulgence is similar to the sight of an unbounded conflagration that rages when a vast forest, dense with dried trees, catches fire and spreads in all directions.

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    atsushi (Dienstag, 07 Februar 2023 00:24)

    gratitude ❤ �