About Dharma, the Divine Law balancing all creation

A chat about Dharma, the Divine Law balancing all creation.


Does anyone not know about love?

Reinhard: For me, there are always 2 aspects in our experience: the first is Dharma; to look to IT would be the direct route. The second is the human comfort zone everyone has. The sense of Being and thoughts. To find freedom, we must accept the challenge of the conflict between both aspects. But most people take a long time. Suffering will teach everyone in the end, though. 'Old age, sickness, and death' are the 'Heavenly Messengers'.

Friend: When you say Dharma, what do you mean?

R: The Divine law present in all creation, the law of balancing and healing on all levels.

F: You would need to expound on that for me to know what you mean. The two aspects for what? For Realization? I understand the human comfort zone. How that dominates the individual. People can be made aware of that. Divine Law is always there but not seen or understood so easily by the individual. That’s takes perception not so easily had.

R: No, i see this differently. Does anyone not know Love? Even atheists have a feel for it. Does a healthy organism not know about physical balance? That is Dharma on different levels.

What Bhagavan calls the Self is this inner essence. He sometimes also used the term essence which is adhistana in Sanskrit. So anyone can contact IT at any moment - this is actually how we work here in our Satsang. With different 'tools' we give emphasis to pure awareness, listening to the essence and presence of Being in any given moment.

In this way, the self-created barrier of the comfort zone that consists of habits mixed with emotions of fear and greed is immediately penetrated, the Center is touched and Its balancing power can become active in us. Mostly that means great relief.

But sometimes this can loosen or even remove parts of the security wall of the comfort zone and even frighten the ego controller. But the activity of the Divine is always most healthy and healing means returning into our natural condition. To touch this Being-awareness and observe Its influence in body and mind as harmonizing we call a 'moment of practice'.

These moments are attractive because they reveal in some way or other higher quality, a greater orderliness. The progress of any spiritual practice will be the collecting of such moments. That is the best we can contribute for final freedom or enlightenment.

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