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The Perfection of the Enlightened Ones
Articles EN · 11. Juli 2023
True healing comes only through the view of the enlightened

Bhagavan's Ego Death and Near Death Experiences
Articles EN · 25. März 2023
Egoless Pure Being is already the basis for our experience

Articles EN · 22. November 2022
The highest realization was described by Bhagavan in terms of the Ajata doctrine of Advaita Vedanta: there is only pure Selfhood as a Totality, no creation, no being separate, no seeker, and no enlightenment. His life is testimony to the fact that it is not an unworldly abstraction.

Articles EN · 03. November 2022
We can only perceive objects and also the subject consists, as far as perceptible, only of objective components. The pure I is not objectifiable, in so far Neti is the giving away of the recognized objects, also those hidden in the subject. But in order to cross the 'watershed', there must be a complete letting go. Samadhi is non-dual. For this, the intensive collection, which I brought into the discussion at the beginning, is the best option - although we cannot manufacture this. Only 'there'

Articles EN · 14. Oktober 2022
Spirituality is not about being or wanting to become an ideal human being. If you remember our telephone conversation, I said that every human being is fragmentary within himself and only integration into the Divine can bring peace.

07. Juli 2022
R: Of course is the Self the most intimate consciousness there is, far more than any indirect experience of senses, body, and mind. And IT is already ours while sensory experience involves a lot of desire, pain, and frustrations. The term SELF was used by Bhagavan to indicate this. He used many other words as well like adhistana, essence, hridayam, heart.

Articles EN · 05. Juli 2022
Friend: I’m sober now. I have been a heavy drug user most of my life and through self-inquiry and surrender, I’m 3 weeks clean. But I feel like I’m barely touching the depths of what I truly am but I’m in love with remaining in the center of the I - it feels safe. My mind still gets drawn out continuously but I’m getting better at it.

Articles EN · 12. Mai 2022
A friend writes: "I always read with pleasure and high interest in your blog to keep up the connection, the memory in the spiritual sense. One article particularly occupies me at the moment, which is actually always topical and important, because Vedanta quintessence. Namely the one titled "A struggle is inevitable". One can really only say thank you for it here. . When I now look at my life and especially my daily thought movements, habits, but also consumption addictions etc. and experience...

Articles EN · 07. Februar 2022
All sadhana attempts to 'enliven' this basic awareness and thereby shift our identity from the ever turbulent personality patterns into that rocklike peace.

Articles EN · 01. Februar 2022
"This is the crux of the matter: I am finding more and more that I really don't want anything. The things which used to motivate me to take action, such as the desire to be recognized as a great musician, the desire to be socially and romantically successful, the desire to have particular experiences, no longer motivate me. It is not that I do not still enjoy practicing music or socializing. When I do these things, I still enjoy them about as much as I did before.

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