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Articles EN · 12. Mai 2022
A friend writes: "I always read with pleasure and high interest in your blog to keep up the connection, the memory in the spiritual sense. One article particularly occupies me at the moment, which is actually always topical and important, because Vedanta quintessence. Namely the one titled "A struggle is inevitable". One can really only say thank you for it here. . When I now look at my life and especially my daily thought movements, habits, but also consumption addictions etc. and experience...

Articles EN · 07. Februar 2022
All sadhana attempts to 'enliven' this basic awareness and thereby shift our identity from the ever turbulent personality patterns into that rocklike peace.

Artikel DE · 06. Februar 2022
Wenn man tagsüber in kontinuierlicher Praxis gegründet ist, wird sie auch im Schlaf weitergehen.

Articles EN · 06. Februar 2022
When one becomes established in ceaseless practice it continues also during sleep.