Is ambition consistent with Advaita?

A Friend: I have a question: is ambition consistent with Advaita? I use the word ambition in the traditional sense (for eg: career). Is advancement in one's career, and the subsequent effort needed towards that, a worthy pursuit from an advaitic protective? The reason i ask is that Advaita views the world as unreal (when seen as separate from the Self).  In such a  viewpoint, all ambition to progress on one's career must also be viewed as a desire to reach an unreal state. So is it then a 'lesser' objective? Another way to look at it: when we surrender to the Supreme, then how would action be possible towards a 'material' ambition?


Reinhard:  The best way would be to try and see 🙂.

Not the word, but what we actually feel is what counts. Basically, it is desire that leads us into separation. But desire in the form of yearning for the Self is the power that leads us back home.

So you cannot decide this theoretically. Rather, take a look at what you truly want. Observe the difference between an ordinary desire and the 'home instinct' of longing for peace.

There is nothing really separate, no career that cannot be part of our path. But for sure: everything that forgets Truth and is an end in itself can never truly fulfill us. So take a look and see this in your own experience!

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