Expansion into thousands of thoughts in a Moment

'The root of the illusion is the thought which ignores the Self and which thinks instead, 'I am this body'. After this thought rises it expands in a moment into several thousand thoughts and conceals the Self. The reality of the Self will only shine if all these thoughts are removed. Afterwards, what remains is only Brahmananda [the bliss of Brahman].'
- from Living by the Words of Bhagavan

Bhagavan once told how he witnessed the swarming of a certain insect. First just one came out of a hole in the ground (the I am body-sensation), followed by a huge number, filling the air like a cloud. He compared this scene with the waking up each morning. This makes clear how vital a sadhana is to collect all mental energies and find the origin of the mind, the birth of the 'I-thought':

"When I was staying in the Skandasramam I sometimes used to go out and sit on a rock. On one such occasion there were two or three others with me including Rangaswami Iyengar. Suddenly we noticed some small moth-like insect shooting up like a rocket into the air from a crevice in the rock. Within the twinkling of an eye it had multiplied itself into millions of moths which formed a cloud and hid the sky from view. We wondered at it and examined the place from which it shot up. We found that it was only a pinhole and knew that so many insects could not have issued from it in such a short time.

That is how ahankara (ego) shoots up like a rocket and instantaneously spreads out as the Universe."
- Talks no. 616

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