Friend: One is aware of being aware and watching the mind attentively. When does this change into a blissful experience and how?


Reinhard: Ask: 'who is creating tension through expectations?'


Friend: It is always the same old same old, I just want you to tell me how this state comes about. Nothing more I've been at it for over 3 decades. Mr. Reinhardji I suppose this just happens to some people. It could be their DNA or something.


Reinhard: I will always advise the direct path. But as also Bhagavan advised different approaches i can do it as well, if needed. Direct is to include ALL perceptions by realizing the respective subject of them. As soon as you calculate or are busy with any perceptions you step out of the direct quest.


Friend: The direct path is the only path for me. I have no religious beliefs as such. Love and compassion have always been my religion like Bhagavan. 'What is aware?' is a good inquiry because you see that the object is not you. Thereby after a while, you stop identifying with the mind and body but that hasn't happened. I understand the simplicity of it. Did Bhagavan recommend this query: 'What is aware or who is the perceiver etc.'?


Reinhard: We should never get stuck with any formula, like 'who am I?'. True teaching is much subtler and is born in the process itself. The Christian religion has an old and new testament which Bhagavan quoted sometimes. The first commandment in both is: love God most and place him always in the first place.- In our context, this means the direct investigation of the subject in the first place. 


Take the example of your doubt yesterday. The energy you bring up is nothing but an ego defense. It takes the position of judging the sadhana and spreading doubt which could effectively hinder all further investigation. But asking 'who?' would show it to an object which disarms it quickly.


Another saying attributed to Christ and quoted by Bhagavan: 'You must become like a little child in order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven (the Self).'


What do we truly KNOW about the Self? About bliss? Of course, there is intuition. But also much fantasy parading as 'I' and demanding. Let go of all that by asking and exploring the respective owner of these ideas. Really trust Bhagavan who taught us that we are the Self, here and now which would be perfectly clear when we could do away with the mental filter.



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